Ignition One: Q4 2015 Digital Marketing Report


Search spend growth sees impressive rise.

IgnitionOne‘s Q4, 2015, Digital Marketing Eeport finds that U.S. paid search has continued the consistent growth seen over the past several years, up a strong 18% YoY. In addition:

Google outpaces Facebook in spend growth, Thanksgiving through the end of 2015.
From Thanksgiving through end-of-year (November 26th – December 31st), Google surpassed Facebook in growth and conversions, seeing an increase of 37% in programmatic display advertising spend and a 34% increase in conversions. In comparison, Facebook saw an increase of 22% in growth and 17% in conversions.

Impressions rebound. After steady drops seen in the past three out of four quarters, impressions are on the rise, up 7% YoY, an unexpected increase compared to Q3 2015, which saw them down by -21%.

Cyber Monday continues to lead the charge in Thanksgiving shopping trends, seeing an impressive 107% increase in spend compared to baseline activity.

Automotive hits high gear in digital marketing spend. Automotive was strong in Q4, with a 66% increase in spend and 58% increase in clicks YoY.

Google shopping ads create market shift. Google’s shift to shopping ads in a carousel format has led to an overall decrease in CPC growth, particularly in mobile, which saw CPCs down by -21%. Q4 demonstrated several interesting shifts, as well as steady trends in digital advertising metrics when looking at a specific set of IgnitionOne clients year over year.

When focusing on Google metrics, U.S. paid search on Google was up a significant 18% year over year (YoY). Impressions rebounded after a significant drop last quarter, while Google and Facebook continue to battle it out on the programmatic display front (with Google outpacing Facebook from Thanksgiving weekend through the end of the year). An overall market shift was also seen in CPCs due to Google’s shift in shopping ads.



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