Disappearing Apps: Yahoo! Explores When, Why & How Users Are Deleting and Ignoring Apps

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Jan 8, 2016 
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As the app ecosystem continues to grow exponentially, app replacement has become a huge issue for developers looking to increase retention rates. In fact, according to Yahoo, apps are replaced by nearly half of all smartphone dominant users each week.

To help developers and app marketers understand how they can avoid the replacement cycle and how to prevent it, Yahoo took a deep dive into this phenomena to analyze the behavior of smartphone users in the U.S. between the ages of 13-64.

The report, The App Lifecycle, yields some interesting insights in regards to app longevity, drivers of app downloads, and the future of the app ecosystem. Apps need to constantly innovate to remain relevant, particularly with ‘boredom’ triggering much of the deletion. And they need to adapt to the changing landscape: With the rapid adoption of larger phablet devices, the use of content apps has increased significantly.

Deleted Apps: The How and Why

* Apps are deleted most frequently during periodic clean outs by 60% of smartphone users.

* Most apps have been deleted by month three if they’re not being used, and over 15% are cut in a week.

* Apps lie dormant for 12 weeks on average before being deleted.

* 55% of the time an app is deleted because it is no longer being used.

* 53% of the time an app is deleted because the user says they found a better replacement.

* 46% of the time it’s because the app contains too many ads.

Can You Wake Up a Dormant App?

Content and entertainment apps have been most successful so far at leveraging online ads to stimulate renewed usage of the app. About half of users will restart a dormant app because of seeing an online ad. 42% reboot when they get a notification on their phone that new features have been added.

For the complete report, click here .


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