Adadyn Enhances Self-Service Ad Platform with CPC Pricing & Demo Targeting


New features strengthen commitment to making advertising technology simple and approachable for marketers of all sizes.

Adadyn, a global advertising technology provider, today announced enhancements to its self-service platform. The investment in numerous product updates advances the company’s mission to make display advertising technology as simple and approachable as possible for small and midsize advertisers.

Highlights of Adadyn’s platform enhancements include:

· CPC Pricing – To give advertisers greater flexibility and control over their media purchases, Adadyn now offers CPC pricing. Offering similar pricing options by search engines and social networks, this allows advertisers to pay only for performance – with no minimum spend requirements.

· Demographic Targeting – Users can now refine their audience targeting with demographic data. Building upon its category targeting, retargeting and prospecting capabilities, Adadyn advertisers now have more power to speak directly to their customers.

· Audience Segment Management – Adadyn users can now create, utilize and manage first party audience segments, including details such as the size of each segment and the pattern used to populate it.

· Improved Reporting & Analytics – New reporting and analytics tools streamline the user experience and give advertisers more ways to monitor and optimize campaigns, including the ability to report on campaign performance by spend and audience segment.

“Adadyn is aggressively filling a void in the advertising market by empowering small and midsize businesses with tools to achieve the same performance as their larger counterparts,” said Adadyn COO Raj Beri (pictured top left). “Building upon our platform’s strengths and creating the infrastructure for expansion in 2016 will help Adadyn drive ad tech innovation forward.”

This momentum, on the heels of Adadyn’s self-service platform launch and new Adadyn Academy educational series, continues to lower the barrier of entry to programmatic advertising technology. By providing greater choice and support, marketers with any size budget can benefit from more targeted, timely and cost-effective campaigns.



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