Yieldr: Ad Tech Explained Through Emojis


Ad Tech May Still Confuse You A Little; But You’ll Have Fun Trying to Get It!

With the advent of technological implementations and an ever-growing number of digital solutions, the job of the marketer is one that is increasingly becoming more complex and difficult. To this point, the opportunities and advances have outpaced the comprehension and knowledge of the average marketing professional. The New Marketing Institute project that 1 million tech jobs will go unfilled by 2020, while the Online Marketing Institute revealed that nearly 750 global ad agencies face a lack of digital talent.

So how can we simplify this landscape to bring about a greater understanding and more easily articulate complex nuisances? The answer is, by using today’s vernacular to speak ad tech. The Oxford Dictionary’s word of the year was none other than emoji. That’s why Yieldr has rolled out Ad Tech Explained Through Emojis. The combination word-glossary PDF and emoji pack give marketers the opportunity to both better understand the industry and better express their own thoughts by using the communications tools of the current era.

Here’s a look at the menu of emojis (Agency emoji is pictured top left) and one page from the report.



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