Sizmek’s Picks: Ads of the Week Nov.30-Dec.4


Adorable puppies aren’t the only way to make an emotional connection with your ad’s audience. Our picks this week show how creative can impact emotion in a variety of ways – with emotional content, with personalization, even in the ad’s format. Check them out!

Campaign Name: Ulker Skype Expandable

Country: Turkey

Advertiser: Ülker

Media Agency: Open TR

Publisher: Skype for Desktop

Built Using: HTML5 Workspaces

Format: HTML5 Expandable

Link to Ad:

It’s all about happiness in this HTML5 expandable celebrating food giant Ülker’s 71st anniversary. Whimsical graphics and a video of happy moments make for a heartwarming experience.

Campaign Name: Colgate Total

Country: Spain

Advertiser: Colgate

Media Agency: Hi Media ES

Creative Agency: Hi Media ES

Built Using: Ad Builder for Video (VAD)

Format: In-stream Ad Control Bar

Link to Ad:

An ever-present control bar puts this rich video ad for Colgate Total firmly under the control of the user to pause, replay or adjust the volume. Control features are a great way to show your audience a little R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

Campaign Name: Bank of Melbourne- Home Loans Q1

Country: Australia

Advertiser: Bank of Melbourne

Media Agency: Mediacom Melbourne

Creative Agency: Design by Saatchi & Saatchi, production by Elite Digital Agency


Built Using: HTML5 Workspaces

Format: HTML5 Polite Rich Banner

Link to Ad:

Behold the contextual banner! This campaign for Bank of Melbourne dynamically loads into the ad an image of the specific home the user is browsing – giving each ad both wow-factor and real-time relevance.



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