Revcontent Offers Publishers Powerful New Tools


Revcontent, a content recommendation company, is launching powerful technology for their publishers.

In November, Revcontent became the first native network to offer audience retargeting through its engagement tool, Revcontent Audience Targeting. Retargeting is a conversion tool, resulting in a 400% boost in ad response and 50% higher conversion rates, according to

Then, Revcontent launched another targeting tool, Revcontent Brand Targeting, so advertisers could target premium publishers across Revcontent’s exclusive network such as Newsweek, International Business Times, The Christian Post, Diply, and more.

In December, Revcontent released another layer of targeting in Language and Device Targeting. Both of these tools allow publishers and advertisers to optimize budget allocation to a specific target audience. Revcontent Device Targeting is also highly useful for apps with different funnels and sales strategies for iOS vs Android.

Richard Iwanik-Marques, Vice President of Marketing at Revcontent (pictured top left), says, “We pride ourselves on constantly providing new technology that allows our partners to maximize their revenue and engagement.”

Revcontent now powers over 150 billion content recommendations around the world.


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