Penton Launches SmartReach Audience Extension For B2B Marketers


Audience-Based Targeting Capabilities Can Now Reach 20 Million Business Decision Makers Anywhere on the Web

Penton, an information services company, announced the launch of Penton SmartReach™ Audience Extension, which will provide business-to-business marketers with the ability to better target and convert new customers through email and websites. The expanded capability of Penton SmartReach helps marketers reach the company’s 20 million business decision makers when they are browsing the web, recapture their interest and reinforce brand messaging across more than 16 major vertical markets.

“Penton has developed its network by actively engaging business-to-business decision makers through the integrated services we deliver, including content, events and innovative workflow solutions,” stated Warren Bimblick, group president, Penton. “With the introduction of our audience extension capabilities, marketers are able to hyper-target the exact audiences they want to reach — across the web or through social media – to convert prospects into customers. We literally help marketers reach the right audience at the right time.”

Penton SmartReach Audience Extension provides the ability to precisely target audiences through deep data sets that provide intelligence across more than 1,000 key firmographic and demographic differentiators. Marketers can hyper-target ad messages to reinforce branding and drive greater conversion for email and website campaigns through a best practices approach, so ads are displayed wherever a potential customer travels online.

As part of Penton SmartReach, advertising always runs on brand-safe inventory with the ability to proactively target comScore’s top 1,000 sites, contextual channels or other brand-safe site lists.


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