CAKE Rises: Major Global Customer Expansion


CAKE by Accelerize Builds Momentum with Global Customer Expansion.

Accelerize and its digital marketing software division CAKE, today announced significant growth among its international digital marketing customer base, adding more than 60 new clients from the EMEA, APAC and LATAM regions in 2015. CAKE provides digital marketers in more than 30 countries an SaaS-based marketing solution to track and analyze the performance of digital spend. New international CAKE clients include ClickZoot, Digital Performance GmbH, HTTPool, INNO Software, K2 Media, Komli , Little Star Media, LatestFreeStuff, Mobiadz, Pointific, ShopClues, Tapmyads and Wadogo.

CAKE provides a cloud-based solution to track and analyze the performance of digital marketing return on investment, in real-time. It has achieved significant global client growth, adding customers from a number of geographies including Australia, Brazil, Germany, Israel, India, Poland, the UK and the US. In 2015, the company experienced a 52% increase over the previous year in the number of clients from EMEA, APAC and LATAM. Overall revenue derived outside of the U.S. grew to 31% in Q3 2015, up from 25% in Q3 2014.

“Our expansion across the globe represents a strong area of future growth for CAKE as companies worldwide shift their advertising dollars to digital media,” said Santi Pierini, Chief Operating Officer of Accelerize and President of CAKE (pictured top left). “In this age of digital multi-channel marketing, tracking and attribution have become essential. Advertisers need to understand how each component of a campaign is performing in order to effectively allocate their digital spend. Ongoing investments in our technology, partner network and global operations have enabled CAKE to take meaningful strides with our international presence and customer traction.”

According to eMarketer, the digital advertising market is estimated to grow from $138 billion in 2014 to $204 billion by 2018 and a significant part of that growth will come from overseas markets, while total media spend will reach $656 billion.


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