Boomtrain Offers Oracle Cloud-Based Predictive Personalization Platform


Boomtrain Launches Application on Oracle Marketing AppCloud to Provide a Predictive Personalization Platform.

Boomtrain, a marketing platform with machine intelligence at its core, has launched a predictive personalization platform on the Oracle Marketing AppCloud.

Oracle Marketing Cloud provides chief marketing officers (CMOs) and their teams with data-driven solutions to simplify marketing resources and deliver more personalized customer-centric experiences across every channel to attract and retain ideal customers. These modern marketing solutions connect cross-channel, content, and social marketing with data management and activation, for enterprise B2B and B2C marketers on a single system of record.

Boomtrain’s predictive personalization platform enables Oracle Marketing Cloud customers to easily develop deep understandings of individual consumers based on how they interact with the customers’ website and email campaigns. By applying this first-party data to Boomtrain’s predictive algorithms, customers can recommend the content or product that each individual user is most likely to engage with.

“Forward looking companies are moving away from mass marketing to develop stronger, more meaningful relationships with individual consumers,” said Nick Edwards, co-founder and CEO of Boomtrain (pictured top left). “Boomtrain provides a strong complement to Oracle Marketing Cloud and will help mutual customers automatically predict the optimal content or product recommendation across any marketing channel.”

Oracle Marketing Cloud customers can visit the Boomtrain offering in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace to install the application and begin implementing the predictive platform in Oracle Marketing Cloud.



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