AdClarity Adds Online Video Ad Intelligence


AdClarity by BIScience, a global cross-channel programmatic ad intelligence company, has just introduced online video ad intelligence that scans over 500,000 global publishers and video platforms on a daily basis.

The launch of this solution couldn’t have had better timing. As the $13.8B online video advertising industry continues to explode, digital media professionals are in dire need of access to reliable, accurate, and granular insights that could help them bring in instant results and high revenues. Providing digital ad coverage in over 120 countries worldwide, AdClarity will continue to deliver coverage of all leading video platforms, including the premium monitoring of YouTube which currently holds a 20% share of all online video advertising activities.

Like its display and mobile solutions, AdClarity’s video solution will include an in-depth analysis on all the brands, campaigns, and videos running across the leading video platforms. Clients are able to take advantage of granular insights within the digital video advertising industry, including, but not limited to, share of voice (advertiser, publisher, campaign, creative, and ad platform), number of impressions and programmatic ad spend, unique publisher audience and traffic data, aggregated RTB rates, and ad platform usage.

“We’re aware that digital video advertising is growing faster than any other digital ad format,” says Kfir Moyal, CEO and co-founder of BIScience (pictured top left). “And as consumers shift their preferences from TV to digital channels, advertisers and agencies will need solutions to help them with this transition in regards to how they can allocate their ad spend in the smartest and most effective ways. So we did what we know best – helping businesses make the smartest decisions possible about their digital video strategies so they can stay ahead of the curve.”



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