VisualDNA Partners with Adobe Audience Manager to Drive Next Generation of Audience Targeting

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VisualDNA is partnering with Adobe through its data management platform (DMP), Adobe Audience Manager, to drive a transformation in how Adobe clients can understand and personalise messages using VisualDNA’s personality data.

Adobe just announced the availability of Audience Marketplace, a new data exchange in Adobe Audience Manager, which provides an exclusive and private marketplace for advertisers and content publishers to buy and sell audience data. It will also enable brands to tap into VisualDNA’s personality data.

VisualDNA uses innovative and patented visual personality profile tests with predictive analytics across 500m global digital profiles. This enables understanding of audiences across display, video, search, CRM and website optimisation in both desktop and mobile channels.

For brands, VisualDNA’s data provides understanding of the psychological and emotive characteristics of consumers, allowing them to improve marketing performance. VisualDNA’s OCEAN profiling is proven to demonstrate significant variances in three key stages of the customer journey: engagement with a brand’s message, response to advertising and website conversion.*

“As the CMO’s agenda shifts to improving how brands communicate across digital channels, the unique insight of VisualDNA’s personality data will drive a new way to personalize communications for Adobe Audience Manager clients,” said Jim Hodgkins, managing director, VisualDNA (pictured top left). “We are proud to be partnering with Adobe through its Audience Marketplace within Audience Manager to drive further transformation of clients’ ability to understand and target customers with personalised messages.”

According to Ali Bohra, Director of Product Marketing at Adobe, “With over 500 million profiles globally, we are thrilled to have VisualDNA data available within Audience Marketplace. Data available through VisualDNA is not only unique and powerful based on their proprietary methodology, but also has a global scale which – key for our enterprise advertiser and publisher client base.”