Verve and Moat Integration Designed to Boost Mobile Display Viewability


Verve, a location-based mobile advertising company, has been integrated with Moat, an independent SaaS marketing analytics firm focused on transforming online brand advertising through trusted measurement and analytics. This exciting partnership will provide advertisers with the ability to transact on MRC-accredited, viewable in-app display impressions powered by Moat measurement. Verve is one of the first mobile location partners to integrate Moat’s SDK solution for iOS and the collaboration will allow advertisers to purchase in-app inventory with an even greater degree of confidence.

“Verve has been the leader in mobile location for over a decade, and we understand that ad viewability is a top concern within the industry,” said Brad Herman, chief business development officer at Verve (pictured top left). “As a unified standard of measurement takes shape, we are delighted to be at the forefront of this journey and one of the first mobile location platforms to work with an accredited MRC vendor like Moat. This partnership allows us to play a key role in identifying a viewability solution that works for our clients and, ultimately, the industry at large.”

As the market develops and the debate around standardized viewability guidelines continues, brands, advertisers and their agencies seek out accredited partners to ensure their mobile campaigns are conclusively viewed by consumers. By partnering with Moat, the first company to be accredited by the MRC for mobile display and video measurement (in-app and mobile web), Verve is proactively complying with the elevated expectations of advertisers and agencies, such as GroupM.

“Working with mobile location partners like Verve that aggressively adhere to our standards around campaign viewability and measurement allows us to make better decisions on behalf of our clients and provide them with conclusive and accurate reporting,” said Shenan Reed, president of digital, North America, MEC at GroupM.

The Verve-Moat partnership further allows both companies to play a leading role when it comes to ensuring mobile display ads are fully viewed by concretely measuring the impact a brand’s message has on an individual consumer.

“We are thrilled to partner with Verve and together offer the type of transparency needed to help give brands the confidence they need to invest more in mobile,” said Jonah Goodhart, co-founder and chief executive officer of Moat (pictured left).



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