Sizmek’s Picks: Ads of the Week Oct. 26th-30th


Your mother always told you politeness pays. Well, these ads prove her right. Our picks this week are three very smart, innovative and yet non-bothersome ads that manage to grab attention without causing a scene. Enjoy!

Campaign Name: Minions Campaign

Country: Australia

Advertiser: Universal

Media Agency: Ninemsn AU

Creative Agency: Ninemsn AU

Publisher: NineMSN- The FIX

Built Using: HTML5 Workspaces

Format: Custom logo morph

Link to Ad:

This clever custom logo morph puts the ad’s message right in the publisher’s header. The unit shows the clownish Minions using the publisher’s logo (in this case, The Fix) as part of their animated antics. The banner clicks through to trailers, tickets and showtimes.

Campaign Name: Fanta BMX

Country: Spain

Advertiser: Coca Cola ES

Media Agency: Carat ES

Creative Agency: McCann

Publisher: Exponential ES

Built Using: Ad Builder for Flash

Flash Expandable

Feature(s): QR Code, Dual Screen Controller

Link to Ad:

This ad for Fanta starts as a standard Flash video unit that expands with a lively pixelated effect into a full gaming experience. The user can scan a QR code to convert a smartphone to a game controller or play using the keyboard.

Campaign Name: Bedava Kartlar Coco Pops

Country: Turkey

Advertiser: Kellogg’s – Coco Pops

Media Agency: Open TR


Built Using: HTML5 Workspaces

Format: HTML5 Workspaces

Link to Ad:

Who can resist flipping this switch? By interacting with an inviting light switch in this polite banner, kids get a glimpse of the glow-in-the-dark collectible cards available inside boxes of Coco Pops cereal. The ad clicks through to a Coco Pops Facebook page.



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