Sizmek Picks: Ads of the Week Nov. 2nd-6th


Eye candy is back! Our picks this week remind us just how powerful a great visual concept can be. Using in-your-face images, cool effects and clever animations, these ads of the week put the “eye” in interaction!

Campaign Name: Samsung SUHD

Country: Spain

Advertiser: Samsung

Media Agency:Starcom

Creative Agency: Starcom


Built Using: HTML5 Workspaces

Format:HTML5 Expandable

Feature(s): Accelerometer, Interactive scroll

Link to Ad:

Ready for a close-up? This high-def ad for Samsung’s SUHDTV brings you up close and personal using an interactive scroll feature that is accelerometer-driven on mobile.

Campaign Name: Appletiser NCE Flipcan

Country: South Africa

Advertiser: Appletiser

Media Agency: Lighthouse Media

Creative Agency: DAN (Digital Arts Network in Africa)

Built Using: HTML5 Workspaces

HTML5 Single Expandable

Feature(s): Expandable, Custom Tracking, Social Sharing, Competition Entry

Link to Ad:

Irresistible animation invites you to expand the ad and customize your own Appletiser Flipcan. Consumers can personalize messages on the can, choose a can color, and then share their creations on social media.

Campaign Name: Adelas Brand Day

Country: Spain

Advertiser: Adeslas

Media Agency: Media Contacts ES

Creative Agency: Comunica + A

Built Using: Ad Builder for HTML5

Format: HTML5 Video Takeover

Feature(s): Homepage Takeover, Video, Sync ad

Link to Ad:

Beautiful sync effects and emotional video capture attention and yet set just the right mood in this HPTO for health insurance leader Adeslas.



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