Machine-Powered Predictive Content From Boomtrain and Marketo


Boomtrain, a predictive personalization platform, announced its integration with Marketo, a provider of engagement marketing software and solutions. In a marketing landscape dominated by cursory digital interactions between marketers and massive audiences, the Marketo-Boomtrain solution aims to provide brands with the ability to develop deep understanding of individuals and foster 1:1 relationships.

Boomtrain’s next-generation machine learning algorithms, Marketo’s automated campaign delivery, and brands’ own first-party data can be combined to create a unique relationship with each of customer that’s based on information about that customer’s interests, how he or she behaves, and what compels that person to take action.

“Mass marketing is becoming obsolete, and marketers need to realize that if they want to stay competitive, they have to put individuals first,” says Nick Edwards, co-founder and CEO of Boomtrain (pictured top left). “Our vision at Boomtrain is to make every step of the entire audience journey more personal and relevant for every user. With Marketo, we’re able to optimize the delivery of these experiences across channels, putting us both in a perfect position to transform how marketers do their jobs and propel excellence in brand communications.”

As a result of the Boomtrain-Marketo integration, marketers can automatically recommend the most relevant content and products to drive engagement metrics. Since Boomtrain’s personalization is powered by self-optimizing predictive algorithms, recommendations only improve over time; joint customers can then use the Marketo system to plug those hyper-relevant recommendations directly into their email and on-site campaigns. The joint solution is available through Marketo LaunchPoint®. Current joint customers of Boomtrain and Marketo include Forbes Media and Outreach Media.

“Boomtrain’s key learnings, combined with the Marketo platform, are preparing us for a new landscape of truly individualized messaging, in an age where our users expect relevant, personal communications across the board,” says Liz Walsh, Brand Marketing Director, Forbes Media.

“Regardless of the size of their company and industry, every marketer in the world can now market specifically to a person’s unique behavior and deliver the right message at the right time for maximum returns,” says Mike Stocker, Director of Business Development at Marketo (pictured left). “Our partnership with Boomtrain allows us to provide a smarter engagement marketing platform. We’re excited that Boomtrain is part of our LaunchPoint ecosystem and look forward to driving success for many more customers through the partnership.”



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