Hashtag Analytics From Postano Gives Your Data the Visuals They Deserve


Postano has launched Hashtag Analytics, a new product on the Postano platform designed to provide powerful insight on any hashtag campaign.

“We come at social from a very visual perspective,” says Justin Garrity, president of Postano (pictured left). “Our goal was to figure out how to get social to tell a story. and we thought why not make a dynamic dashboard tool that would immediately give you a clear sense of how your hashtag is performing? With Hashtag Analytics you can get the metrics and connect with the kind of content that your fans are posting and actually see the content behind the numbers.”

From social embeds for websites and mobile apps to massive visualizations for the largest stadiums and Digital Out-of-Home screens to wall-to-wall interactive command centers, Postano visualizations are used to power any screen size with social content. Postano has always provided visually arresting and data-rich reporting to their customers.

“Our most requested report from our customers was to provide in-depth reporting on the hashtag performance itself,” adds Garrity. “It was clear based on the popularity of these reports that we had designed something that had much greater value beyond our select customers. These reports could be used to track any hashtag for any campaign. We got to work.”

So Postano has made Hashtag Analytics available to everyone–in four tiers: Basic with one campaign; Plus for five campaigns; Pro for 10 campaigns; and Custom for options beyond that. It is a stand alone tool built into the Postano platform complimentary to any tool out there. To try their single campaign option, they’re offering a 14-day free trial. The components include:

UGC Dashboard

The first view in Hashtag Analytics is the UGC dashboard. The UGC view focuses on fan posts that included the hashtag on Instagram and Twitter. The hero chart shows posts per day by volume. Clicking on the bars reveals the top 20 posts for each day.

Below the volume hero is an assortment of charts and displays that reveal more information about how the campaign is performing. This includes top influencers, top posts, top mentions, top keywords, top hashtags, and attitude. Every element of the interface is interactive, allowing you to click on an influencer for instance and be taken right to their Twitter or Instagram account. Hashtag Analytics works in real-time and as new posts come in, we will monitor the engagement on those posts and resort these charts based on how it performs. So simple and powerful.

Brand Dashboard

The next view is the Brand view. The Brand view shows the performance of posts from the Brand that contain the hashtag. The hero chart tracks the follower count on Twitter and Instagram as the campaign progresses. This is a good way to see if engagement on the campaign has a correlated effect on gaining new followers. Layered on top of the follower chart, you see post-engagement from the brand with overlapping circles. The bigger the circle, the more engagement the post received. It is very easy to see in this view which posts gained the most engagement and what day it happened. Below this chart is a simple calculation of how many potential impressions these posts gained. Below this metric is a visual tree chart that sorts all the posts by engagement metrics. The largest post displayed on the upper left is the top performing post. This visual layout makes it easy to see what type of content the brand is publishing that is gaining the best response from fans.

Demographics Dashboard

For all Plus and Pro customers, Hashtag Analytics partnered with StatSocial to introduce participant demographic insight, revealing the type of audience actively participating in a specific hashtag campaign.

Many times those that use a promoted hashtag aren’t followers. This is a very exciting, fresh way to understand the most active fans and consumers. This means that a single brand could launch two different hashtag campaigns and gain demographic insights on the difference between these two audiences. Every product that is released with a hashtag would have its own unique profile of the participants. For demographics, Postano worked with StatSocial to provide gender, age range, ethnicity, top interests, top brands, top influencers, and top TV shows.

Additional Social Networks

Not all social content as part of a campaign is confined to a Twitter or Instagram hashtag. For this purpose, Postano has included the Add’l Social view. In this view, Postano provides basic analysis of volume, latest posts, share of network, attitude, and top keywords for 14 additional social networks including Facebook, YouTube, Vine, Vimeo, and others.

Custom Dashboard

A custom report builder in available for Pro customers to build their own dashboard with multiple charts with many chart type options. Chart types include line, area, column, bar, scatter, big number, table, pie, donut, funnel, and geo. Many measures are unique to custom reports like demographic DNA, city, or income.


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