Sizmek’s Picks: Ads of the Week Nov. 16th-20th


Is it an ad or a mini-playground of content and engagement? This week’s celebrated campaigns take a no-holds-barred approach to rich media, combining multiple interactive and entertaining elements in ads that remain remarkably non-disruptive and sophisticated.

Campaign Name: Audi A4 Runout 2015

Country: Australia

Advertiser: Audi

Media Agency: Mediacom Australia

Creative Agency:Holler Sydney

Publisher: Fairfax Digital AU

Built Using: HTML5 Workspaces

Format: HTML5 Single Expandable

Link to Ad:

Check out the expansion on this ad for the Audi A4! Using the Mosaic format for HTML5, the banner unfolds into a full page using a flip-out effect. After expanding the ad, the user can explore Audi features in the ad or click through for more info.


Campaign Name: SüperNet Vodafone

Country: Turkey

Advertiser: Vodafone

Media Agency: Mindshare


Built Using: HTML5 Workspaces

HTML 5 Polite Rich Banner

Link to Ad:

Colorful animation, eye-catching images and a fun embedded video make this polite banner for Vodafone hard to ignore and a pleasure to engage.

Campaign Name: American Express Gold Rewards Card

Country: Canada

Advertiser: American Express

Creative Agency: Ogilvy


Built Using: Ad Builder for HTML5

Format: HTML5 Billboard

Link to Ad:

Bells, whistles and more bells make this ad for American Express a dazzling interactive experience. Users enjoy video, snappy animation and clickable features in both its unexpanded and expanded forms.



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