Sizmek’s Picks: Ads of the Week Sept. 28-Oct.2


Our ads this week get your imagination flowing with ideas of the future, all showcased in big, bold video formats. From survivalist astronauts to future humans in flight, these ads beautifully combine format and fantasy.

Campaign Name: The Martian

Country: France

Advertiser: 20th Century Fox

Media Agency: The Generation Media AG CH

Creative Agency: Think Jam UK

Built Using: Ad Builder for HTML5

Link to Ad:

Format: HTML5 Expandable Wallpaper

This impressive ad for the October opening of The Martian uses the expandable wallpaper format to engage with a big image without disrupting page content. The user can mouseover to expand to a full-page trailer video.

Campaign Name: Nissan Leaf

Country: UK

Advertiser: Nissan UK

Media Agency: MGOMD UK

Creative Agency: Digitas UK

Publisher: Yahoo UK

Built Using: HTML5 Workspace

Link to Ad:

Format: HTML5 Polite Banner (Billboard)

This HTML5 banner displays a portion of an intriguing futuristic video. When the segment closes, the user can click through to the Nissan LEAF brand site or click an embedded player to watch the full version of the video.


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