Ad-Blocking Around the World: What All Marketers Must Know


According to Global Web Index‘s latest infographic that shows the use of ad blocking around the world, at least 25% of Internet users block ads. In Europe it comes in at 30%! It’s mostly younger users and men who download the apps–and it’s those who spend a lot of time online every day and are especially worried about how businesses use online data to target them.

Jeremy Arditi, SVP International Sales at the ad agency Teads (pictured left) believes that the ad industry needs to step up to the mark to discourage ad blocking and keep Internet content free. “We need to get better at engaging, not better at interrupting,” says Arditi. “That means introducing new formats which consumers find less invasive, more creative ads that are better placed, and giving consumers a degree of choice and control.”

Even Ad Blockers Want SOME Ads

According to a survey by YouGov among more than 2,000 adults, conducted for the Internet Advertising Bureau (UK), among those who block ads only 52% want to block all ads. The remainder simply want to block certain types of ads or ads on particular websites. Seventy-three percent said that the ads they want to block are the ones that make it hard to browse or use content. More than half (53%) block ads because they find the design and format – such as bright colors and pop-ups – annoying, while 46% block ads because they just aren’t relevant.


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