Top 100 B2B Advertisers Spend ~$5 Billion on B2B Ads


Ad Age’s Datacenter analysis reveals that the 100 largest business-to-business advertisers spent $4.8 billion on U.S. b-to-b ads last year, up 0.9% from 2013.

The top 100 B2B advertisers accounted for nearly half of all b-to-b spending last year across TV, internet (display ads only), magazines (including business publications), newspapers, radio and outdoor.

The largest media category for B2B ad spending last year was TV, with the B2B 100 spending an estimated $2.9 billion on U.S. B2B TV ads. That was up 7.7% over 2013 and made up 60.8% of all B2B advertising.

The second-largest category was internet advertising, with the B2B 100 spending about $685 million on b-to-b display ads last year, down 2.7% from 2013, and making up 14.3% of all b-to-b ad spending.

The third-largest category was magazines, where the B2B 100 spent approximately $585 million, down 14.4% from 2013. Magazines composed 12.2% of B2B ad spending.

For a detailed breakdown of TV, Magazine, Newspaper, Radio, Internet and Outdoor spending, see the graphic below.



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