Shorter Videos Make for Bigger Impact–and More Sales


Want to snack on videos? If you like you info in quick bites, you’re not alone. More and more companies are discovering that the long (3 or more minute) videos they’ve been posting on their sites or using in ads are a major turn off to customers.

The PC maker Lenovo is an example of a company that’s learned this lesson and is profiting from it. According to Ad Age, video now ranks as Lenovo’s No. 2 lead generator in terms of conversions to sales, right after ebooks.

“We used to do long, five- to eight-minute videos that were basically product tours,” Michael Ballard, senior manager of digital marketing at Lenovo told Ad Age (pictured above left). “Our mindset was, ‘Everyone wants to hear about our products,’ but that was not really the case. (Refreshing honesty–that!)

“Our goal has been to create shorter, snackable content and have video placed throughout the funnel, not just at the top of the funnel.”

The videos they do make may be developed with ad agencies or in house–and those tend to be quickies that are put together in a matter of hours.

“In some cases, we’ll have different types of videos throughout an entire campaign, and in others we have a video we’ll use at just one stage of the buyer’s journey. Our overall goal for the next six to 12 months is to have videos at every stage of the buyer’s journey for every campaign.”

The shift to more bite-sized videos has paid off: Lenovo’s most recent video in its “Users Happen” series achieved a 96% watch rate, which means that of the users who watched the video, the average user watched 96% of the video. Here’s an example.

Cooking Up Your Own Snack Vids? Ballard suggests you try this:

1. Don’t talk about yourself. “No one cares about you,” Mr. Ballard said. “They care about their pain and how you are addressing it.”

2. Use humor. “Throw in some fun every once in a while,” he said. “Everyone loves comedy. It can be a very powerful tool.”

3. Create content for the entire customer journey. “When we create campaigns, we make sure we have a content component for the entire buyer’s journey, from getting someone’s attention to providing a very specific solution,” he said.



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