Qualia Partners with Ibotta to Deliver Cross-platform Sales Attribution


Qualia, a company providing intent-based targeting, announced its partnership with Ibotta, the leading “cash back” app in the United States. The joint offering will provide first of its kind conversion data analytics to cross-platform marketers, delivering granular conversion data down to the SKU level.

“These precision analytics break new ground on what has long been considered the ideal, or ‘last mile,’ of measuring ad marketing performance,” said Qualia CEO and Co-founder Kathy Leake (left). “Ibotta’s end-to-end capability is the ‘holy grail’ of sales attribution and without a doubt exceeds the ‘mobile to in-store’ conversion analysis we’ve used to date.”

Qualia has built a device graph of “commercial intent signals,” or declarations of a consumer’s intent to purchase, across e-commerce, social and apps. The company works with a set of exclusive data partners to isolate meaningful data points and continues to scale its proprietary device graph. This partnership extends the use of Ibotta’s data beyond the norm and uses its geo-location and store-level data to inform better marketer prospecting and more precise ROI measurement.

“Ibotta’s unique platform allows us to aggregate a wide variety of shopper data,” said Bijal Shah, who leads Ibotta’s data and insights product portfolio, also known as Ibottalytics. “There’s nothing more powerful than the combination of Qualia’s commercial intent signals and our sales data to allow marketers to more efficiently target their advertising campaigns and effectively measure impact down to the item level.”

Ibotta’s data is derived by aggregating demographic, geo-location, and item-level purchase data. With over 10 million downloads of the Ibotta App and more than 40 retail integrations, Ibotta has an extremely unique and robust dataset that can reveal how a shopper has responded to prior marketing communications and inform future communications accordingly.



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