Pixalate Introduces Industry’s First In-app Mobile Seller Trust Index (MSTI)


PLUS…Pixalate Reveals Top Ten Ad Platforms

Pixalate, a fraud protection and data intelligence company, today announced the launch of the industry’s first monthly in-app mobile Seller Trust Index (MSTI). With the new MSTI, Pixalate is providing clarity on how supply quality in mobile should be evaluated based on factors including legitimate inventory, fraud, transparency and location.

The MSTI evaluates 125 supply-side platforms with in-app mobile inventory based on analysis of more than five billion impressions to determine the reputation: The top ten sellers for the month of August included Amobee, Rubicon Project, Big Mobile Group, Millennial Media Exchange, OpenX, Airpush, Marketplace, Google AdExchange, Nexage Inc., and InMobi.

Why A Mobile Seller Trust Index (MSTI) Is Needed

Measuring quality for in-app mobile ad inventory poses challenges for buyers and sellers due to lack of standardized quality measurement. As spend on mobile advertising, especially in-app mobile ads, continues to grow, transparency of legitimate inventory is also worsening.

This year, mobile ad spending in the United States will reach nearly $29 billion and account for 49% of overall digital ad spend, according to eMarketer. Today’s marketers are challenged especially with in-app mobile ads, which represents more than 70% of the overall mobile advertising industry. While Pixalate introduced the monthly Global Seller Trust Index for display and mobile web advertising in December 2014, the company is now introducing the MSTI to provide an index based on factors specific in-app mobile ads.

“Supply quality measurement in-app mobile ads has become a minefield for buyers. Our study revealed that more than 38 percent of in-app mobile ad inventory is fraudulent leaving buyers in the dark on which ad exchanges are trustworthy,” said Jalal Nasir, CEO, Pixalate (pictured top left). “We are very pleased to announce the Mobile Seller Trust Index to help the industry address this problem. The new ground-breaking index will help level the playing field for mobile ad buyers, who want verified data on how each ad platform ranks based on factors such as location and non-human traffic data.”

Other Key Observations

In addition to ranking the trustworthiness of seller-side ad platforms, Pixalate identified four key issues pertaining to the quality of in-app mobile ads:

10 Sellers Hold Lion’s Share of In-app Mobile Inventory: Of the 120 seller-side in-app mobile ad platforms evaluated, 10 sellers own more than 80% of the inventory, which equates less than seven% of sellers.

Device ID Missing: More than 50% of the in-app mobile ad inventory on exchanges did not offer device ID information.

Lack of Hyper Location Data: While location is becoming an increasingly critical for in-app mobile advertising, the study found only 30% of inventory included location data and only 18% (or 60% of those with location data) provided accurate location.

Fraud Originating from Data Centers: More than one-third of mobile in-app fraud comes from data centers indicating that there are hosted machines running highly customized mobile app simulators.

“The integrity of mobile in-app inventory, data quality and accuracy is imperative,” says Rujul Patel, senior vice president of global publisher solutions at Amobee. “MSTI is a positive step forward for our industry that needs to operate with transparency and accountability to guarantee an optimal way to reach consumers on mobile.”


Seller Ratings are based upon a weighted analysis and scoring of overall effectiveness assessing reach, fraud, transparency and location.

● Reach: Number of unique users available on seller’s platform.
● General Invalid Traffic (GIVT): General Invalid Traffic as defined by the Media Rating Council (MRC) guidelines such as data-center traffic, bots and spiders or other crawlers masquerading as legitimate users.
● Sophisticated Invalid Traffic (SIVT): Sophisticated Invalid Traffic as defined by the (MRC) guidelines such as hijacked devices, URL spoofing or falsely represented impressions.
● Transparency: Availability of device and user information, for instance a seller with high percentage of device identifier will score high on this scale.
● Location: Availability and precision of location data. A seller with accurate location information for most impressions will score high on this scale.

Pixalate does not endorse any specific vendor or service ranked in the Index and is not responsible for exchange data. Rating scores are normalized to a range of 0-99.



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