Google is offering a new ad format in Gmail

Inplace #2

Google is offering a new ad format in Gmail to advertisers. While Google has offered native ad in Gmail that appear at the top of the inbox, this new move is going to make it easier for all interested advertisers to buy this type of ad directly from AdWords.

If you use Gmail, you’ll notice that these ads are collapsed when they come in and expand only when you click on them. In mobile versions, they’ll also show up in Gmail and on the web.

The collapsed ad looks similar to any message in the inbox, but it’s clearly labeled as an ad. In addition, these ads come with a “forward” and “Save to Inbox” link. “Save to Inbox,” moves the ad into your inbox where you can treat it like any other piece of mail. The buzz is that Google will charge advertisers every time a user expands one of the ads.

How Will You Use It?

Advertisers will be able to use the standard AdWords targeting options and work from several templates to build their own native Gmail ads.

“Advertisers can choose from several customizable Gmail ads templates for the expanded ad unit,” says Google headed by new CEO Sundar Pichai (pictured top left). “They can feature a single image, highlight a promotion that combines an image with a description and call-to-action button, or showcase multiple products at once. The custom HTML format offers the greatest amount of flexibility in how you configure your assets and allows you to create an even richer ad experience by including videos, forms, phone numbers, and multiple links and calls-to-action.”

“You can use most of the display targeting options you’re already familiar with likekeywords, affinity audiences, demographics, and topics,” the company adds. “For example, a sports apparel advertiser could select relevant topics like ‘Fitness’ and ‘Sporting Goods’ or reach people in the ‘Health & Fitness Buffs’ or ‘Running Enthusiasts’ affinity audiences.”

Gmail users will still be able to control the kinds of ads they’re served and opt out of interest-based ads.