Flashtalking Acquires Device9


Flashtalking, an independent ad server, announced it will acquire Device9, a mobile device recognition-technology provider that gives advertisers the ability to see into areas that third party cookies cannot.

Device9, a Hamburg, Germany tech company co-founded by Detlef Lorenz (pictured top left), built a digital device-recognition solution independent of cookies by using probability to identify users across desktop, mobile web and mobile app environments. The technology scans more than 50 non PII signals to produce a unique signature, matching across apps and mobile browsers, enabling advertisers to match conversions to cookie-less impressions in mobile and other digital environments.

“By keying on non PII data available on the device rather than cookies, we can effectively span mobile apps and web spaces,” Lorenz says. “Looking forward, device recognition will join cookies in a cascade of attribution strategies that will provide advertisers with a higher resolution picture of their audiences independent of channel or device.”

“Flashtalking does not wade into the media revenue stream. Being media agnostic, our ad serving platform is uniquely positioned to be the single source of truth, arming advertisers with unbiased measurement that spans all audience engagements,” said John Nardone, Flashtalking CEO (pictured left). “In the short term we are concentrating on closing the attribution gap between mobile web and mobile app impressions, enabling strategies like remarketing and sequencing between mobile app and web spaces, before we move on to the other opportunities the technology presents.”



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