Alimama to Launch Big Data Platform Based on Real Audiences


Alimama has held a press conference in Beijing announcing the launch of their “Dharma Sword” — a data-driven brand marketing platform. Amid a fast changing consumption market, Alimama’s Dharma Sword enables brand advertisers to better approach true target audiences as a means to drive successful brand marketing.

The Dharma Sword is the first holistic big data marketing product launched by Alimama after it merged with China’s leading ad platform, AdChina.

Leveraging Alibaba Group’s unique data sets, universal ID system and one-stop cross-screen media reach services, the Dharma Sword platform will start offering brand advertisers big data marketing services covering all digital media.

As Alibaba Group’s core business data owner, Alimama seamlessly connects Ali’s data assets, which include demographic attributes, consumption data, physical location, browsing behavior, payment method and social data, among other data points, to a customer base of more than 630 million users — which, for all practical purposes, is virtually almost every internet user in China.

This is the first step in Alimama’s drive to open big data, making the company one of a very few in China willing to make their data available for digital marketing.

About Alimama

Alimama, a business within Alibaba Group–headed by CEO Jack Ma (pictured top left), manages Alibaba Group’s core business data, aiming to build digital marketing platform designed for large-scale brand owners, agencies and small and medium-sized sellers. Alimama combined the functions of e-commerce and brand marketing and used Ali big data to achieve one-stop reach of digital media (PC terminal+ Wireless terminal + Internet TV terminal), helping entire network clients achieve highly effective digital marketing.



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