USA Creates Special VOD Ads Starring Characters From the Show You’re Watching


According to Adweek , the USA network is going back to the future with ads that use the stars of Playing House to pitch for Toyota, Comcast and Samsung.

(Anyone remember Ernie Kovacs’ Dutch Master Cigar ads, or Dinah Shore urging her audience to see the USA in a Chevrolet?)

As AdWeek put it: “All summer long, networks have been devising unique methods of presenting their series to help audiences more easily consume content while helping advertisers reach viewers. Tonight, USA rolls out one of the season’s most ambitious moves yet.”

USA will debut what AdWeek calls “a new windowing structure.” Viewers will be able to watch the following week’s episode on VOD immediately after the broadcast. That’s where the character-inspired ads will run. NBCUniversal worked with the three advertisers, alongside Jessica St. Clair and Lennon Parham, Playing House‘s co-creators and stars.

Dionne Colvin Lovely, national director, traditional and emerging media, Toyota, says, “Our integrations, which we think will hit home with the show’s viewers, are intended to be funny, while still allowing us to showcase the Camry in a meaningful way.”



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