Toi’s iOS App Genee Launches into Public Beta


Toi, a full-service digital agency, today announced that the iOS app which it designed and developed for Genee ( has launched into public beta. The debut of the iOS app for Genee, the first scheduling platform that instantly coordinates the right meeting times in the best interest of everyone, providing the productivity and efficiency of a personal assistant, follows on heels of feedback from more than 10,000 beta users. These users have contributed to the fine-tuning of the app, which now makes it a breeze to schedule, manage, and track events and appointments on your calendar.

The Genee team came to Toi to create an application that extended the experience of the platform to iOS. Building the application together step-by-step, the focus of the work was to make the complicated process happening on the back-end a snap for users on the front-end. Toi provided services including UX/UI design, iOS mobile application development, strategy and support in order to ensure that each point of interaction was improved from the user’s perspective. Each feature required strategic decision making on behalf of the user and included careful consideration on items such as navigation, invitation statuses, invite lists and user profiles, day, week and month views, reminders and notifications, and the multiple points of integration.

“We loved working with the Genee team to bring their iOS concept to reality and now public beta. Everyone is looking for a way to save time and energy. That is what we set out to do for users. We wanted to make their entire experience simple, easy, and intuitive. We were really responsive to this need, optimizing user flow and cutting out additional steps in order to streamline the appointment scheduling process,” said Nathan Ryan of Toi.

Without opening your calendar, Genee now works via iPhone app, email, SMS and even Twitter. With the click of a button, Genee scans the calendars of those invited to find dates and times that work for everyone, eliminating the back and forth between attendees. The app also keeps track of upcoming meetings, provides history of scheduling activities and manages meeting invites and confirmations.

As more and more people are relying on their mobile phones to enhance productivity, people are searching for apps that give them the ability to readily do everything from sketching ideas and jotting detailed notes to reading and accessing files remotely. Understanding this ongoing trend, Toi is proud to have aided in the development of such an in-demand, intelligent, and user-friendly mobile application.

Genee has raised $1.45 million in seed funding from Uj Ventures, Streamline Ventures, and Garnett Ventures, which will be used to support their cross-platform app, raise awareness of Genee, and support the roll-out of additional features and integrations.



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