Hotwire Reports: Marketers Need to Break Out of Silos

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One campaign, many channels. Marketers are lectured to about this all the time, but is it actually happening? According to senior marketers the answer is no; 46% admit campaigns tend to run in isolation, while nearly a third (30%) say their campaigns are not designed for multichannel.

Rebecca Honeyman, VP and General Manager of Hotwire NYC says, “It’s never been clearer that marketers have to embrace campaigns that run across channels. Our audiences no longer get all their information from one place – so why as an industry do we still expect single channel campaigns to be successful? We, as marketers, need to be far smarter about identifying the right channels for each campaign and break down the self-imposed silos of the past 20 years.”

Hotwire’s “Marketing in Silos” whitepaper, a new study, asked 300 senior marketing decision-makers how they currently run campaigns and the big challenges they see for the future. The survey uncovered clear biases towards “preferred” channels in industries across the board. Once marketers have the data to prove something has worked, it’s only human nature to apply the same approach in the next campaign. The challenge, then, for marketers is how they explore the possibilities offered by new channels but with this comes an understandable fear of the unknown.

Key Findings

* 41% of marketing execs reported their concerns with using new platforms

* 36% of marketing execs said channel integration would be their biggest challenge in the next five years

* Only 33% of marketing execs believe their current campaigns work across multiple channels

You’d Be Surprised How Little Marketing Money Flows to Online and Social media

While marketers say they understand the importance of having an online presence, online advertising features in only 52% of marketing budgets. Less than a third (27%) include social media in their budgets and 80% of senior marketing decision makers do not include SEO. Given that one in six people worldwide now use Google, marketers are missing a trick.