Big Kahuna News: $45 Million in Funding and Expanded Technology


Kahuna,a communication automation company, announced that it has raised $45 million in a Series B round. The new round will further fuel Kahuna’s acceleration in the marketing automation arena, which increasingly is being defined by new requirements in the mobile era.

In a companion announcement. Kahuna unveiled a significant evolution of its technology platform to meet current and future demands of marketers. The innovations are driving personal communication at scale with the following three advancements:

First, there’s the big data and machine learning that Kahuna brought to mobile marketing, and is now bringing to email and other channels. Kahuna’s new email functionalities enable the company to compete with email marketing incumbents ExactTarget (acquired by Salesforce), and Responsys (acquired by Oracle).

As Forrester Research observed in the January 27, 2015, Context Enriches Email Marketing report, “Innovative vendor offerings that emphasize personalization over message deployment make it doable for marketers to design email into multistage, one–to–one customer experiences.”

Second, Kahuna’s infrastructure is built to support future use cases as it provides the technology architecture and capacity to work with increasingly massive data sets.

Third, the new platform will enable businesses to respond to an inevitable industry shift: from marketing at people, to communicating with people, at scale.

“It’s time for businesses to stop ‘marketing’, and start communicating,” said Kahuna CEO and cofounder, Adam Marchick (pictured top left). “Businesses have the opportunity to purposefully engage the people they serve at every step of their personal journey. But to do this requires both a new way of thinking — one where the person you are engaging is at the center of your efforts — and the technology to achieve it at scale. That’s what we have built with the Kahuna platform.”


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