About-Face for Facebook On Mobile App Data Collection


Facebook has decided NOT to limit device-level data collection for mobile app campaigns. Why? Large app marketers threaten major revolt if the policy went through. Reported in AdExchanger, Facebook now says, “While we believe device-level reporting is not the most accurate way to properly determine advertising effectiveness, we want to provide advertisers with the choice to measure ads based on what is important to them,” the spokesperson said in a statement. “In order to provide that choice, we will continue giving advertisers the option to receive device-level reporting from our mobile measurement partners for mobile app ads.”

In short, Facebook will no longer stop app marketers – including some of the world’s largest mobile gaming companies – from accessing information about the individual devices to which app install ads are exposed.

Nonetheless, Facebook still believes device-level reporting is not the best way to measure and optimize for install campaigns: “We want advertisers to evaluate Facebook ads based on how well they’re achieving business objectives,” its statement said. “We advise our advertisers to apply people-based measurement solutions so they can determine when they’re reaching multiple people, not just multiple devices.”



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