Video Ad Tech Company Unruly To Allow Marketers To Pay For Video Views After 30 Seconds


Video ad tech company Unruly has announced a new cost-per-completed-view (CPVC) pricing model available on all of their video ad formats, giving marketers the option to only pay for a view when the video has been watched for 30 seconds. The company also announces Unruly Complete, a fully flexible blend of Unruly’s ad formats, sold on a CPCV model and optimized against specific campaign goals and KPIs.

According to research from Harvard Business School’s Thales Teixiera, analyzing the rising cost of consumer attention, only 20% of TVCs are fully viewed today, compared to 97% in the 1990s. Advertisers looking to get their TVCs seen by broader audiences or looking to get their digital video assets watched and shared online can use Unruly Complete to ensure that their ads have been watched or engaged with for a full 30 seconds. With CPCV pricing model and Unruly Complete advertisers will only pay for videos that have actually been watched across Unruly’s audience reach of 1.36 billion users.

“The market is currently flooded with a number of different measurement options, and it can be difficult for marketers to determine which makes the most sense for them. One thing is clear – we need to move beyond the view when measuring the success of video ad campaigns. With a cost-per-completed-view model, advertisers can be sure their videos are actually played through to 30 seconds. It’s the easiest way for advertisers to know they are only being charged for high quality, highly-engaged views,” said Unruly CEO Scott Button.

Views can be delivered through any and all of Unruly’s formats, which are all fully user-controlled, including:
• Unruly’s skippable pre-roll format, Unruly In-Stream, which puts the viewer in control by offering the opportunity to skip an ad after five seconds and gives advertisers cost-efficient reach at speed and scale;
• Unruly’s native In-Feed format, the first ad format to deliver native video ads at scale across mobile newsfeeds, which only plays out when the unit is viewable;
• Unruly’s click-to-play In-Page format, with multiple in-unit apps to drive beyond-the-view engagement.



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