Swrve & Plot Projects Partner Up: Offering Location-Based Targeting Service for Mobile Marketers


The Combination of Plot Projects’ Geofencing and Beacon Technologies and Swrve’s Mobile Marketing Automation Platform Enables Marketers to Target App Users Based on Precise, Real-Time Location Data

Swrve, a mobile marketing automation company, and Plot Projects, a mobile-apps, location-base, marketing technology company, announced a partnership that will bring geofencing and beacon technologies to mobile marketers, empowering them to engage with users via relevant, contextual messages that will seamlessly merge physical environments with digital experiences.

Together, Swrve and Plot Projects offer an advanced solution for mobile engagement, allowing marketers to access rich, real-time location data to design in-app experiences and push notification campaigns based on precise arrival and departure times, proximity, and the amount of time a user spends in one location.

“There are endless possibilities for engaging with users based on their location,” said Christopher S. Dean, CEO of Swrve. “Delivering a highly personalized app experience is our top priority at Swrve, and by partnering with Plot Projects to offer geofencing and beacon capabilities we’re empowering businesses to reach users on mobile in more contextual ways to drive engagement and conversion.”

Marketers will be able to create geofences, or virtual perimeters, with a radius of 50 to 50,000 meters that target users with location-specific messages to boost app usage and foot traffic. An even smaller radius can be created to target audiences using beacon technology, allowing businesses to tailor communications based on a user’s location in a store or other venue.

“This partnership with Swrve brings our capabilities to exciting new segments,” said Plot Projects CEO Menno Kolkert. “Our location-based marketing technology offers mobile marketers using Swrve a very powerful tool for targeting app users with highly relevant messages, such as special offers and discounts.”



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