Sizmek Picks: Ads of the Week July 20-24th


This week, it’s video FX galore in our best-of lineup. These advertisers are using video in super-creative ways, to deliver product info, drive emotion and engage interaction. Enjoy the show!

Campaign Name: Vodafone Smart 6

Country: Turkey

Advertiser: Vodafone

Media Agency: Mindshare

Built Using: Ad Builder for Flash

Link to ad:

Dazzling opening animation sets the tone for this James Bond-like video incorporating specs on the Vodafone Smart 6 into an action-packed storyline.

Campaign Name: Warner Bros: The Gallows

Country: EMEA

Advertiser: Warner Bros. Pan EMEA

Media Agency:

Creative Agency: Think Jam

Built Using: Ad Builder for Flash

Link to Ad:

This ad serves up three layers of video for the new horror flick, The Gallows. First, the ad auto-expands into a blood-red plume in which movie scenes appear. The user can then launch a mini-trailer in the player, and the bravest of viewers can click through for a full-length trailer and more movie goodies.

Campaign Name: Sofinco Interactive Video

Country: France

Advertiser: Sofinco

Media Agency: Havas Digital FR

Creative Agency: Havas Studio

Built Using: Ad Builder for Video

Link to Ad:

This high-energy ad for Sofinco combines fun, front-and-center video with multiple social and interactive features to get users excited about big plans and low rates.


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