MarketLive’s Q2 Performance Index: Revealing e-Commerce Trends


MarketLive, an e-commerce technology platform for fast-growing retailers, today announced the results of its Q2 2015 Performance Index™ report, measuring the real-world buying behavior of millions of consumers shopping online during the second quarter of 2015.

This quarter’s data show that small-screen shopping experiences are finally engaging enough for mass-market consumers, who purchased 335% more via their smartphones than they did in Q2 a year ago. Surprisingly, the retail sectors that showed the strongest uptick in sales from smartphones are Catalog (+374%), Brick & Mortar (+207%), and Furnishings & Housewares (+163%), indicating that traditional retailers are effectively leveraging the digital ecosystem.

“Consumers have shifted their buying patterns to mobile commerce faster than many retailers realize. We’re now seeing merchandise traditionally purchased in-store, such as home furnishings, are increasingly being purchased online from smartphones. And, shoppers are seeking out their favorite brick-and-mortar brands online and expecting their websites to work on any device,” said Ken Burke, founder and CEO of MarketLive, Inc. “We’re calling this trend ‘Commerce Anywhere the Customer wants it,’ and the more agile retailers and category leaders are outpacing their competitors by constantly adapting to—and embracing—a retail landscape where technology, consumers and markets are evolving at breakneck speed.”

Revenue increases and traffic increases from shoppers using smartphones saw triple-digit gains across all retail sectors. Responsive websites and one-click payment options are addressing serious friction points in mobile commerce and making it easier for shoppers to see products, search prices, and purchase whenever and wherever they want.

Other Findings

– Brick & Mortar revenues out-paced the overall retail index by 43% over 8 consecutive quarters

– Revenues from shoppers on smartphones grew 374% in Catalog; 207% in Brick & Mortar; and 163% in Furnishings & Housewares

– Traffic from paid search and organic search are declining (-11.7% and -1.5%, respectively) while traffic from e-mail marketing is increasing (+18.1%)

– Total revenues, total visits, and average order size continue to grow (+1.3%, +18.1%, +1.4% respectively) even as conversion rate and cart abandonment remain challenging (-11.3% and +1.9% respectively)

– Key performance indicators for Tablets continue to slip compared to Smartphones: phones now command more than 2x the share of Online Traffic (29.4% smartphones vs. 12.9% tablets) and phones squeezed past tablets for share of Online Revenue (13.1% smartphones vs. 13.0% tablets)


– Revenue that can be attributed directly to social recommendations are still less than 1% of total, but have increased 151% with a current Average Order Value (AOV) of $153.20

– Overall social revenue on smartphones increased 136% from a year ago

– Overall social traffic via smartphones increased 186%

– 67% of social revenue comes from Facebook; 12% from Pinterest; and 1% from Twitter

To request a free copy of the report, Q2 2015 Performance Index™, Volume 29, click here.

The MarketLive Performance Index Vol. 29 was produced by analyzing aggregated, anonymized U.S. traffic and revenue data from MarketLive’s customers whose e-commerce websites have continuously reported data from at least April 1, 2014 through June 30, 2015.

The Performance Index results are broken out by six different retail sectors and key performance metrics including social commerce, paid vs. organic search, average customer visits, average order size, conversion rates, and more. The report also tracks path to purchase, cart abandonment data and offers online retailing tips and best practices based on the real-world buying behavior of millions of online consumers.



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