Innovid Becomes Roku’s First Interactive Video Solution–and Offers Infographic on TV’s Evolution


Below, an Innovid infographic details TV’s evolution in terms of the different screens, devices, consumption habits, providers, content types and opportunities that have emerged. Innovid is right in the thick of all of this with “TV” technology that works across screens, and having just signed an exclusive partnership with Roku to bring interactive TV ads to Roku’s advertisers.

Advertisers will begin to see more personalized, targeted, and interactive video ads in their Roku apps, thanks to the new partnership between the streaming media device maker and video advertising provider Innovid. Using a Roku remote, users engaging with the new ad format will be able to do things like play games, take quizzes, check out a local retailers’ top products or current sales, watch extended videos related to a product, and more.

With the new partnership, Innovid will become Roku’s first interactive video solution and will be bundled into the Roku Audience Solutions suite. That means Roku’s software development kit (SDK), which is used by all its app publishers to build their channels for Roku’s platform, will now include Innovid’s technology as part of the Roku Ad Framework, opening up the potential for interactive video ads to Roku’s thousands of channels.

The integrations actually went live a month-and-a-half ago, but the two companies are only announcing their partnership now.



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