Eye of the Beholder: 5 Marketing Benefits of Hiring Instructional Designers


Hiring an instructional designer can help you focus your content marketing efforts and make them more effective. You may think IDs are only beneficial for educational content publishers, but their knowledge about how to most clearly communicate your message by using powerful visuals and words–and how to get it to stick in your users’ mind–could be just what your website needs to grow and generate more revenue.

Why Rich Media Matters” is a detailed slideshow by Allen Communications that highlights how important it is to have a powerful design. For example, did you know that publishers who use infographics…

Other ways an ID can boost your audience engagement:

1. Instructional designers will spur dialogue and foster a sense of online community. Instructional designers want to make sure that your e-learning company rolls out the best possible videos, helpful (and funny) tutorials, and engaging podcasts or interactive experiences every day. For example, your instructional designer might choose to add a comments section to the end of a content marketing piece to encourage a sense of community and conversation. The designer might encourage adding a forum where people can post videos or photos in response to a question posed.

2. Instructional designers will add value to your content.
Typically the ideal instructional designer has an advanced degree (such as a Masters or doctorate) in a field that is germane to your content area. Look for a fantastic writer, but an excellent editor as well. Your instructional designer will not only write great content but be able to edit any existing content you have, and produce content marketing that is professional in presentation. Presentation, after all, speaks volumes.

3. Instructional designers will know how to market your material to the general public in a smart way via social media.
It is important to advertise your content. Whether this means adding hashtags or links to Twitter or Facebook pages, your instructional designer will be able to set up your pages and content so they generate likes, shares, comments, tweets, retweets, friends, and followers.

4. Instructional designers will use content-based imagery to garner attention for your organization.
As they say, the proof is in the pics! If you have content that is visual in nature, such as products or services you offer, your instructional designer might also consider creating an Instagram account that has a daily photo posted. Post at least one daily photo that is either inspirational, funny, or just unusual to spur some conversation among potential or current clients.

5. Instructional designers will organize your content. Sometimes in the midst of assembling materials for a course you are facilitating, emails or other deliverable content—whether it be print, online media or both—an instructional designer can assemble all the pieces together in a fluid and wonderful presentational fashion that will really make your content memorable, and they will also understand the importance of presenting visually appealing content.

In addition, instructional designers can help you promote the integrity of your business and make it clear that you are an ethical business or organization that recognizes its employees. You can demonstrate to your potential clients that you have promotions which benefit not only the client, but other people who are doing great things in their own communities and businesses, thereby generating valuable community and B2B interaction



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