Do More Programmatic Ads Mean Less Viewability?


A study, by ad verification company Meetrics, recently looked at the intersection of programmatic ads and viewability in Germany, France and the U.K. What they found was not good news for programmatic ad-vocates.

In the U.K.: 45% of ads were bought programmatically in 2014–but in Q2 only 49% were “viewable.” That’s 7% LESS viewable than the same quarter a year earlier. Germany and France did better: 64% and 62%, respectively, were viewable. (Viewable is defined as at least half of an ad’s pixels appear in view on a consumer’s screen for at least one second.)

The problem: Ad location on the screen. So-called “leaderboards” across the top and bottom of a web page are the least viewable format (just rated viewable only 40% of the time). Wide billboards rate viewability 68% of the time. Tall, vertical skyscrapers are at 60%. AdAge has more.


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