Centriply, a New Media Solutions Company, Declares: Targeted TV is the New Cookie


Centriply, a new enterprise, was created to provide targeted TV media solutions using Big Data and scientific analysis. It combines traditional media strategy with cutting-edge, data-driven solutions. Taking advantage of advances in digital geo-fencing capabilities and granular TV targeting, the company makes it possible for agencies to scale their clients’ audience targeting by applying best-in-class data to custom geographies and then activating across a large pool of linear TV inventory. Centriply is fueled by specialized, proprietary software, Tango Media Suite , which identifies media opportunities across multiple geographies.

“The potential of targeted TV via data-driven programming measurement is becoming well understood,” says Centriply founder and president, Scott Stansfield. “Consumption of both media and products varies widely by region, age, race, income level, education level and device, and for many large advertiser categories, this geographic change– or delta– is still vastly underestimated. We provide advertisers the power to multiply then measure impressions across media to meet their communication goals.

“In many respects, Centriply was 27 years in the making,” adds Stansfield. “We launched Cable Scope, now a part of Centriply, in 1988. It provide targeted TV advertising solutions, always pushing towards the dream of a future in which we could target right down to zip codes in individual zones using an array of video media options. Today, the confluence of Big Data, highly sophisticated analytical tools and the “video everywhere” explosion has made this dream a reality and a company like Centriply possible.”

Centriply can find the right TV audiences by applying the power of syndicated and proprietary data. Even predictive digital and behavioral consumer targets can be used to reach TV audiences through both geographic and program targeting. These custom universes can combine individual cable systems, Smart TVs, Household Addressable and more and can be measured as broadly as region, state or DMA, or as granularly as cable system, zip code, congressional district or census block. Centriply also measures programming for granular and national campaigns using Nielsen, Rentrak or SQAD data. This foundation creates the building blocks for comparing the value of media across multiple layers.

By offering Centriply as a managed/white label solution, “everyone from consultants to established media agencies can now have the ability to include targeted services and, more importantly, activation, for their clients, without upsetting current department resources,” says Stansfield. “Centriply will enable marketers and agencies to use targeted TV as part of their broader national media plans to test/control based on both digital ROI-–the bottom funnel–and TV/digital video communication goals–mid funnel.”



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