Cannes You Believe It? Vice Partners with Pintrest and BOA; Xaxis Touts Self-Assembling Programmatic Ads


Vice Media’s founder Shane Smith participated in a talk hosted by MediaLink, at the Pinterest Porch, a pop-up base for the company at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. And the big news, says Smith: The coming together of content creators, tech and brands is shaking up the industry.

He should know: He’s formed an alliance with Pintrest and the Bank of America that has the threesome collaborating on a marketing effort for BOA called The Business of Life.


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“What’s happening now are partnerships that you’ve never seen before,” Smith said. For this project, Vice produces a show on personal finance for Bank of America; Pinterest contributes a new offering called Pinsight Labs, that can identify the financial topics that interest its users.

“It’s a little bit of strange bedfellows and that’s what was intriguing,” said Meredith Verdone, global chief strategy and marketing officer at Bank of America. “To say: ‘Listen, how can we tap into the relationship, the storytelling that they do with their audience, to tell the story about better financial lives.”


More Cannes Lions News: Xaxis Says There Are Self-Assembling Ads in Your Future

In a conference held on opening day, Xaxis, a programmatic media and technology platform, took on the next wave of programmatic advertising. Their point: Programmatic technology means marketers can reach exactly the right people at exactly the right time. But what’s needed is Programmatic Creative, aka the self-assembling ad of the future. With programmatic creative, ads self-assemble at run time using a mix of artificial intelligence and machine learning to determine what creative elements (images, copy, messaging, etc.) to use.



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