BehaviorMatrix Unveils ‘SMARTview360’ To Help Marketers Understand People & Predict Behavior


BehaviorMatrix, an innovator in emotional and behavioral analytics technology, unveiled a next generation technology platform that dramatically enhances the ability of businesses, brands and other organizations to understand and address the needs of people. BehaviorMatrix’s unique Emotional Signal Processing (ESP360™) technology powers the SMARTview360™ Platform to enable a full, real-time view of human emotion and behavior.

At the foundation of the SMARTview360 Platform is BehaviorMatrix’s patented science, and pioneering work in the field of emotional signal analytics. This unique science powerfully analyzes, tracks and understands the emotions expressed in social and media communications with precise measurement of 48 individual emotions.

“Emotion moves the world and drives the decisions people make,” says Bill Thompson, Co-Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of BehaviorMatrix. “With our ESP360 Technology and SMARTview360 Platform, we enable our customers to make better decisions by understanding the emotional state of their audiences, and better serve them. While many analytics and Data Science offerings provide superficial understanding, we offer the first solution to fully understand people on an emotional level, and therefore, more accurately predict their behavior. Through the use of our patent pending influence analytics and crowd typing science, our customers can positively influence and change outcomes.”

For the first time, global businesses and organizations can standardize the way they view, measure and analyze their world, including their impact on people by adopting a powerful, one-platform solution to:

Know what people are saying,

Discover what’s driving their conversation,

Know how they’re feeling,

Understand why they’re feeling the way they do,

Identify who’s influencing whom,

Predict how they will act as a result, and

Influence and change the outcome.

“BehaviorMatrix illuminates the micro data within data streams to reveal the real insights, and we aim to dramatically disrupt the business intelligence and Data Science worlds,” adds Thompson.

SMARTview360 delivers comprehensive emotional and behavioral analytics results in real-time, across multiple international languages and cultures. The Platform ingests millions of sources, from social media, news, blogs, forums, surveys and even broadcast media with unmatched granularity, all while blocking out the white noise of useless data and meaningless results.

“It has been no small scientific feat to develop the patented and patent-pending technologies that simplify the complex process of understanding people, and also power a massively scalable, yet targeted and effective technology platform,” said Keith Harry, Chief Product Officer of BehaviorMatrix. “While many promise to deliver intelligence utilizing sentiment, these solutions are often brittle or limited, falling prey to false readings and misunderstandings of context, like sarcasm, or other language nuances that incorrectly indicate emotional perceptions. Traditional measurements of likes or dislikes, positives or negatives can be shots in the dark that provide marginal results. By providing a deep and comprehensive emotional view of the customer or target audience, we shoot for the bullseye. This ability to understand the context of data is powered by our Natural Language Processing Engine (patent pending) that operates like the human brain when processing language. Actually understanding hearts and minds allows us to help our customers not only interpret, but also effectively predict future behavior.”

Far surpassing the accuracy of sentiment analysis, which often delivers no better than 50% accuracy, BehaviorMatrix’s SMARTview360 Platform achieves high accuracy and far greater differentiation of emotional signals. SMARTview is ideal for market landscaping, emotional segmentation, competitive intelligence, customer service improvement, new product development, reputation management, as well as brand awareness and campaign effectiveness, among many other uses. Already implemented by select leading brands to better understand their marketplaces and consumers’ real emotions around their products and competitors’ products, SMARTview360’s power and flexibility has also been applied across pharmaceutical and healthcare, media and entertainment, finance and government. BehaviorMatrix SMARTview360 Platform operates natively in English, Chinese, Arabic and German.



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