HyprMX Simplifies Video Mediation


For the first time, mobile app developers have a simple solution for managing video ad revenue. HyprMX has introduced HyprMediate—the easiest way to manage rewarded video ad networks and maximize revenue. The HyprMediate platform distills mediation down to two simple tools: Waterfalls and Analytics. Waterfalls make it easy to manage ad networks with drag-and-drop functionality. And the Analytics tool provides clear performance indicators with intuitive filters, so developers can quickly see the metrics that matter.

“Mediation should be simple and powerful,” said Dan Laughlin, VP Business Development, HyprMX. “We’re bringing the high standards of quality and service that we deliver for Fortune 500 brands to mediation. HyprMediate makes it effortless to manage partners and maximize performance.”

HyprMediate integrates leading rewarded video providers, giving developers access to a range of monetization partners. It’s free, and developers receive 100% revenue share on ads from the new HyprMarketplace, which delivers brand advertising from Fortune 500 marketers with exceptional eCPMs.



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