200 Leading National Advertisers: Ad Age Reports Slim Growth


Major marketers increased 2014 U.S. ad spending by a slim 2.0%, according to Advertising Age’s annual report on the nation’s top 200 advertisers.

Total U.S. ad spending for the 200 Leading National Advertisers reached a record $137.8 billion in 2014, but the growth rate was the lowest since the ad-market recovery took hold in 2010. The slow growth comes as major marketers are putting ad spending under scrutiny, reallocating budgets to deliver better results.

Top 10 Spenders
1. Procter & Gamble Co. $4.6 billion Down 4.2%

2. AT&T $3.3 billion Up 0.1%

3. General Motors Co. $3.1 billion Down 0.7%

4. Comcast Corp. $3.0 billion Down 1.7%

5. Verizon Communications $2.5 billion Up 3.6%

6. Ford Motor Co. $2.5 billion Down 3.6%

7. American Express Co. $2.4 billion Up 7.9%

8. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles $2.2 billion Up 14.0%

9. L’Oreal $2.2 billion Down 2.0%

10. Walt Disney Co. $2.1 billion Up 7.4%

Source: Ad Age Datacenter estimates of total U.S. ad spending. More info: AdAge.com/lna2015

“The report demonstrates how blue-chip marketers are getting more bang for their billions of bucks,” said Bradley Johnson, Ad Age’s director of data analytics. “The story is not that marketers are pulling back. They are spending smarter, doubling down on digital strategies and taking unnecessary costs out of marketing.”

Thirty-eight marketers spent more than $1 billion on U.S. advertising in 2014, according to the report, compiled by the Ad Age Datacenter. The nation’s biggest advertiser, Procter & Gamble Co., spent $4.6 billion on 2014 U.S. advertising, according to Ad Age.

The Leading National Advertisers report analyzes spending for the top 200 U.S. advertisers, double the number tracked in Ad Age’s previous editions of this report. In total, the top 200 advertisers accounted for more than half of 2014 U.S. media advertising spending.

Ad Age’s 60th annual Leading National Advertisers report appears in the publication’s July 13 print edition and in expanded form as an online report and database at AdAge.com/lna2015 (subscription required).



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