Spreadsheets Are Great–For Some Things


Recording and tracking information regarding any aspect of your working process can be absolutely essential, especially when it comes to improving efficiency or streamlining an existing working process. Data visualization tools that can convert raw data from spreadsheets into information that can be taken in at a glance, create charts and graphs that will make for a more effective presentation or provide workers and employees with an easier way to stay informed and up to date about a project can be a terrific resource. Relying on conventional spreadsheets that may be difficult for workers to understand or that may limit access to important information could be costing your business far more than you might realize.

Resources That Make Tracking and Interpenetrating Information Easier

While spreadsheets have long been the standard tool for tracking spending, managing accounts and inventory or monitoring other aspects of business operations, they are not always able to provide the most effective solution. Creating charts and graphs can allow presenters to more effectively highlight a point and interfaces that offer a simple and concise way to access information can keep workers in busy environments from being distracted. Consider the hassle one would go through to present loads and loads of biological personalized medicine data, for example, in a spreadsheet. Updating any aspect of your working process where efficiency may be suffering will be an easier undertaking for those who have the right tools and resources.

Resources That Allow for More Effective Presentations

Meetings, seminars and other events that involve multiple parties and large groups of professionals can be very costly in terms of both time and money. Ineffective presentation materials that may be hard to understand or that fail to clarify an important point may not be a liability that your organization can afford to overlook. While pivot tables may be an effective way to present information to the trained eye, they may muddle even the simplest concepts when used as part of a presentation. Project meetings, employee training efforts and even department and company-wide events can all benefit from presentation materials that will be easier to understand.

Saving Time and Money on Employee Training

While spreadsheet skills are almost always necessary within an office environment, workers who have been trained for other environments and tasks do not always have the understanding needed to tabulate values, make use of pivot tables or to effectively access the information contained within a spreadsheet. Even the most seasoned office professionals may benefit from data presentation resources or types of training that will simplify the process and ensure that critical information can be more easily accessed, digested and acted upon. Utilizing spreadsheets within busy office environments, assembly areas and other unconventional working environments could be creating any number of problems for workers who require access to specific or time-sensitive information in order to carry out their everyday responsibilities.

Simplifying Access to Information

The crowded fields and numerous columns of a spreadsheet can make it difficult to locate and interpret information quickly and accurately. Being unable to present data and information to employees and workers in a clear and concise manner can have a negative impact on productivity or increase the likelihood that mistakes and errors may be made. Visualization tools that employ a range of display options can provide a more flexible and effective way that information can be provided to those who need it far more quickly and with greater accuracy. Relying on a basic spreadsheet to find important information can create any number of serious problems that may slow or even bottleneck the working process.

Working with the Best Tools

Importing spreadsheet data quickly is not always possible for those who have lack access to the best tools and resources. Programs and applications that offer a range of display options, the means to more easily customize how information will be displayed or that can be more easily adapted to your existing or planned working process are not a resource that should be taken lightly. Ensuring that workers have access to the information and data needed to do their job can make a critical difference in ensuring they are able to make the most of their efforts. While spreadsheets are a great option for a range of data entry projects or for the tracking and recording of key bits of information, visualization tools that can provide a more concise display option may prove to be a far more effective solution in countless environments and circumstances.


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