Legacy Reporting Practices Hinder Programmatic Buying, According to Metamarkets Study


Investigation Found 42% of Buyers Receive Data From Ad Exchanges via Spreadsheets.
Metamarkets, a provider of real-time analytics for programmatic advertising, announced the release of “The Visibility Gap: How Legacy Reporting Practices Hinder Programmatic Buying,” a white paper that explores the impact of how exchanges provide data to buyers.

Based on interviews with practitioners at more than 30 major buyers, the study uncovered a lack of adequate reporting practices across programmatic marketplaces, hindering spend.

As programmatic advertising has scaled, inventory discovery has become increasingly difficult. Programmatic buyers must analyze billions of buying opportunities scattered across thousands of publishers every day in order to efficiently plan and execute campaigns. This study investigates the myriad ways that exchanges communicate to buyers. Key highlights include:

• 42% of buyers regularly get data from exchanges through spreadsheet attachments.

• 55% of buyers said it was a challenge to aggregate all the data they needed from exchanges.

“The visibility gap between exchanges and their buyers hurts everyone, including publishers. You can’t buy what you can’t see,” said Mike Driscoll, Co-Founder & CEO of Metamarkets. “It produces a ripple effect across the industry: throttled spends by buyers, reduced fill rates for exchanges, and ultimately lower revenue for publishers. By providing the visibility that all markets need, we hope to accelerate the widespread adoption of programmatic media buying.”



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