HookLogic Report:The Future of Mobile Media. Let’s Say It’s Bright!


New, original research from HookLogic is published in a report titled The Future of Mobile Media. It looks at the impact of smartphones on consumer path-to-purchase. It focuses on smartphones because smartphone shipments tripled from 2010 to 2013 and at 1 billion units they are now, incredibly, more than triple annual shipments of TVs and PCs.

Some top line findings from the research include:

· In Q1 2015, mobile accounted for 29% of retail ecommerce transactions in the US – up 10% in just 3 months

· More than 40% of consumers now say mobile is the most important media for their purchase decision

· The click-through rate on mobile product listing ads was double that of desktop devices

Half of mobile shopping-related searches lead to a purchase, with 69% of those purchases occurring within five hours of search and 76% happening at a store

All of this has lead HookLogic to predict some interesting trends.

Prediction #1
Mobile dominates desktop, in virtually every way (usage, media, commerce). Early trends become concrete wins, and mobile reigns as the clear winner.

Prediction #2
Mobile becomes the #1 influencer of purchase decisions. We’re almost there already. The impact of mobile media cannot be overstated.

Prediction #3
Native is the future of mobile advertising. The ways consumers interact with mobile and the physical limitations of the phone environment facilitate the adoption of this format.



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