Cheetah Mobile’s Ad Platform Springs into Action


Cheetah Mobile Inc., a developer of mission-critical mobile utility applications, has launched the Cheetah Ad Platform, a mobile advertising technology platform that works with the world’s leading brand advertisers, publishers and developers to reach and engage with global consumer audiences at scale.

Cheetah Mobile’s owned and operated mobile applications (Cheetah Apps) and media ad network (Cheetah MediaLink) are united to provide brands with the opportunity to reach the right audience, at the right time, in the right format to attract users throughout the purchase cycle. These key pillars of the Cheetah Ad Platform provide massive global reach, while ensuring deep engagement and performance through its innovative ad formats, audience targeting technology and conversion optimization solutions.

“Our goal is to become one of the leading global mobile advertising platforms,” said Xinhua Liu, CMO of Cheetah Mobile. “The launch of the Cheetah Ad Platform will rapidly accelerate our progress toward this objective. We look forward to providing our state-of-the-art mobile ad technology to our partners and helping them achieve their goals within the mobile ecosystem.”

In the first quarter of 2015, its total global mobile installations reached 1.34 billion users and its mobile monthly active users reached over 440 million. In addition, Cheetah Mobile has expanded its media reach through key acquisitions of Zoom Interactive and MobPartner to complement and diversify its mobile network. “We are building one of the most robust mobile advertising platforms in the world,” added Djamel Agaoua, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Sales, of Cheetah Mobile and former CEO of MobPartner. “The Cheetah Ad Platform gives advertisers and publishers full transparency into inventory, ad placements, and performance. Advertisers can broaden their reach with confidence and capitalize on a massive global consumer audience. Our robust measurement, targeting, and optimization solutions are designed to deliver against key performance indicators, such as return on investment and consumer lifetime value for advertisers.”

The Cheetah Ad Platform provides campaign management services and data-fueled audience targeting. It has computed over a billion mobile users’ anonymized behavioral traits to construct a sophisticated, dynamic categorization that goes beyond common demographic and psychographic segmentation. Over the past two years, Cheetah Mobile’s revenue growth has been driven by a significant ramp-up in mobile advertising in overseas markets. Mobile advertising revenue accounted for 89% of total mobile revenue and 48% of total revenue in Q1 2015.



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