News Bits: AerServe & Viewster Team Up; More


AerServ is announcing their partnership w/ European Viewster to grow Viewster’s mobile business by leaps and bounds.

This comes after Viewster used AerServ’s platform to make their video inventory available to more advertisers, resulting in an 80% ad revenue increase in 2 months. (Viewster is a Comscore top 10 free online video service beloved by nerdy millennials and specializing in quirky film genres like Anime).

“Our audience of young pop culture fans increasingly accesses our service via mobile devices. As Viewster’s business continues to grow, it was important for us to not only optimize our mobile offering, but to find a monetization partner that could really scale with us,” said Viewster chief executive, Kai Henninges. “The ad revenue growth we’ve experienced since partnering with mobile-first and mobile video companies like AerServ is tremendous and we plan to continue leveraging these platforms to tackle the vast opportunity in video advertising.” Viewster and AerServ hope to continue their efforts to capitalize off the mobile video arena, which will be worth an estimated $4.4bn by 2018.


New Tool from Komoona To Help Publishers Maximize The Value of Impressions from Programmatic Buys

Programmatic buying is a challenge for publishers. Advertisers & agencies have done a better job of taking advantage of the efficiencies made possible by these new digital buying technologies. To help level the playing field, Komoona is announcing the company’s ‘RTB Router’ which is integrated with all major SSPs and Ad Exchanges simultaneously and is therefore able to determine in real-time which impression will deliver the highest CPM for the publisher based on the company’s proprietary machine learning technology.

· By integrating with all major SSPs & exchanges, the company’s technology is able to find highest bidding CPM for each impression

· Unlike SSPs and Exchanges, which also cater to advertisers, Komoona is focused exclusively on the publisher (and has no relationships with advertisers / agencies)

· Komoona is working with over 1,000 publishers and serving 25 billion ad impressions / month


Former CEO unveils new media innovation for The Daily Meal

The Daily Meal, the world’s largest food and drink lifestyle site, has launched a new Menu Planning feature, the most up-to-date resource on the web for busy readers planning meals throughout the week. The Menu Planner aggregates all of The Daily Meal’s 1.7 million recipes, allowing readers to search a large variety of options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. Once readers have selected their recipes of choice, the application will allow them to select how many people they want to serve, on what date they want to serve them, and for which meal of the day.

“We feel like this functionality is a great next step in our ongoing efforts to be the first place consumers go for the world’s best food inspiration, instruction, entertainment, and education,” said Jim Spanfeller, CEO and founder of The Daily Meal. “Other sites offer similar services, but we feel that none are as good or as easy to use as ours — and on top of that, our service is free to our readers!”

As part of this process, consumers can save their favorite recipes to their own private collection pages. Additionally, the menu planning function will seamlessly add the appropriate items to a shopping list and then allow the end user to send that shopping list to a smart phone or, if preferred, print out a hard copy.


MarketLive Partners with AgilOne for Predictive Marketing Technology

MarketLive, an e-commerce technology platform for fast-growing retailers, today announced the launch of ML-360, enabled by MarketLive’s Retail Data Exchange Layer, designed specifically for mid-market merchants to achieve a 360-degree profile of customer browsing and purchase behavior. MarketLive’s ML-360 was developed in partnership with AgilOne, whose predictive technology empowers marketers to execute highly targeted acquisition, growth and loyalty campaigns.

MarketLive’s ML-360 is able to capture and analyze consumer behavior online and offline, and combine previously disparate backend data silos in order to achieve a 360-degree view of each customer. AgilOne’s predictive marketing technology uses fuzzy matching and other sophisticated algorithms to ‘connect the dots’ among customer data to find incremental sales opportunities through highly targeted offers based on profile behavior.

“AgilOne’s predictive technology integrated directly into ML-360 really simplifies the science of marketing providing retailers with incredible insight into user behavior and purchase intent,” said Ken Burke, founder and CEO of MarketLive Inc. “With relevant views of the customer, we have empowered retailers to increase sales, drive more conversions, and improve customer lifetime value.”



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