6 Ways to Increase Brand Awareness That You Might Be Overlooking


Most people assume that when new brands achieve a lot of success they must have done something very ingenious and expensive to attain such a high profile and monetary rewards. However, the real keys to such success are the following six–often overlooked–ways of increasing brand awareness.

1. Partnering with other companies/brands

Rather than do what you have always done to create awareness, partnering with other brands can take your investment to a whole new level. For example, Uniqlo went forward and sponsored admissions without a charge between four in the afternoon and eight at night every Friday in the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. As a result, Uniqlo’s name was put before a whole new audience that reaching before would have been utterly impossible. A positive word was generated online and through word of mouth as visitors to the museum enjoyed themselves and praised what the clothing company had done.

2. Let the product promote itself

It’s important to let your product market itself. For example, when Dropbox entered the scene it made it very simple for every user to refer the product to colleagues, friends and family through sharing options such as social media and email that including a link that could be shared in other ways. As a result, those who shared received more space with every sign up that was referred. In total, Dropbox’s awareness had skyrocketed with signups going up by 60 percent.

3. Exclusivity is critical

Whether you are dealing with corporate training programs or any other service, exclusivity will pay. For example, when Evernote was launching they did not allowed just anyone to try the product. While in beta, the product was closed for four months and those who wanted to test or use the new service had to send invitations and sign up to the network. As a result, Evernote created a real buzz.

4. Brand all over within your niche

It’s important to offer valuable content online in various platforms and not just on your site. As a result this builds and engages an audience. This is exactly what Buffer did by creating hundreds of guest posts and in nine months, they had grown from nothing to over 100,000 users. Think of new and rising platforms that perhaps you haven’t explored fully (i.e e-learning) Create valuable content and spread it on other sites and your name will be virtually everywhere.

5. Choose a format that works for you and use it

It is important to experiment with all kinds of formats to reach your prospects and build an audience. This can be through the creation of guest posts, videos, animations or infographics. For instance, KISSmetrics went with infographics and never looked back. As a result of having about 47 infographics in place at their launch, the web analytic company ended up with 2.5 million visitors, over 40K backlinks and over 3,700 referring domains. In two years the KISSmetrics blog was hitting almost 400,000 visitors on a monthly basis from zero.

6. Focus on the personal and human experience

It’s not bots and machines that buy your products or use your services; it’s humans. You are trying to increase brand awareness among the flesh and blood. As such, customers must always be given a unique personal and human experience. Yelp actually did this by ensuring every reviewer is a human-being with a profile. As a result, the reviews are very trustworthy to date. Reviewers feel like their reputation is being augmented as they use Yelp and the service has become a community a lot of people want to be a part of.



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