Kahuna’s New “Dynamic Audiences” Can Eliminate Facebook Spam


Kahuna, the leading marketing automation solution for mobile, today announces its latest product, Dynamic Audiences. With Dynamic Audiences, marketers can now automate the typically manual process of ad retargeting on Facebook, while also keeping track of customer purchases in real-time so that users are not hit with the same ad after they’ve purchased the product. Dynamic Audiences not only allows marketers to intelligently and automatically share their content with the most relevant groups of people, but will also help marketers increase ROI and achieve more conversions by showing ads to only the right people.

Kahuna’s solution addresses a major challenge associated with behavioral targeting: connecting engagement with the path to purchase. Today, marketers spend a considerable amount of time and money on customers who have already purchased the product. Executing successful behavior-based advertising campaigns requires a cross-channel understanding of individuals combined with real-time data to target consumers who are most likely to buy –something marketing teams are not able to do at scale and with personalization on their own.

To resolve this issue, Kahuna has integrated with Facebook to automatically create and curate Custom Audiences. Kahuna customers will now be able to utilize this technology to understand user behavior, create engagement-based rules for segmenting customers, and automatically maintain Facebook Custom Audiences. Marketers who use Kahuna will no longer have to manually segment customers or upload audience lists. Furthermore, Kahuna’s Dynamic Audiences will make ad targeting via Facebook smarter and more efficient–once a customer makes a purchase for the advertised product or service, the ad will disappear and no longer follow that user on Facebook.

“As a consumer, there is nothing more annoying than being followed around the web by an advertised product you have already purchased, and for brands, this is simply a waste of marketing dollars,” said Adam Marchick, CEO of Kahuna. “If marketers want to achieve higher engagement levels on Facebook, they need to get smarter about the way they interact with users. With Kahuna’s Dynamic Audiences, every interaction you make will be personal, timely and relevant–allowing customers to be delighted with your brand and ultimately drive greater ROI.”

Many of Kahuna’s current customers have strong mobile offerings, but this is the first engagement product from Kahuna that does not require a native app. Dynamic Audiences is yet another piece to Kahuna’s comprehensive omni-channel solution which allows brands to intelligently market and delight users across devices with the right message at the optimal time. With a personal understanding of users and the ability to reach them at scale, Kahuna is useful for brands on both mobile and desktop, in addition to those that just want to reach their audience through Facebook.


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